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  1. Building state capability for evidence-informed policy-making in Albania: In conversation with Abi Dodbiba

  2. Implementing a Medium-Term Perspective to Budgeting in the Context of National Poverty Reduction Strategies

    Research reports

  3. A Review of Experience in Implementing Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks in a PRSP Context: A Synthesis of Eight Country Studies

    Research reports

  4. PRSP Connections 6


  5. A Review of the Trade and Poverty Content in PRSPs and Loan-Related Documents

    Book/book chapter

  6. The 'Streamlining' of IMF Conditionality: aspirations, reality and repricussions

    Research reports

  7. Linking Policies and Budgets: Implementing Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks in a PRSP Context

    Briefing/policy papers

  8. Assessment on the implementation of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD) for the period 2005-2010

    Research reports

  9. Reports from multi-country study assessing the design and application of the Medium Term Expenditure Framework - Albania

    Research reports

  10. The Effects of the Albania-EU Stabilization and Association Agreement: Economic Impact and Social Implications

    Working papers

  11. Changing anti-crime policy through community policing in Albania

    Research reports

  12. Minding the Gaps: Integrating Poverty Reduction Strategies and Budgets for Domestic Accountability

    Book/book chapter

  13. Safety, Security & Access to Justice Sub-Strategy: Implementing Consultancy and Field Manager Review


  14. Linkages between social protection and other social interventions in Central and Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States


  15. Albania Donor Coordination Baseline