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  1. The Global Transboundary Climate Risk Report

    Research reports

  2. Development Policy Review March 2023 round-up

  3. It's not all about the money: grappling with non-economic loss and damage

  4. Operationalising the new ‘Loss and Damage’ fund: six questions

  5. COP27: adapting to a new climate reality

  6. Common symptoms, related cures: after climate summit, governments convene on biodiversity

  7. Think Change episode 15: the climate and conflict double challenge – has COP27 delivered?

  8. Climate adaptation investments in conflict-affected states

    Briefing/policy papers

  9. Climate-induced non-economic loss and damage: fundamental but long neglected

  10. Providing climate finance in the context of a looming debt crisis

  11. The Taliban were right: we should all be supporting Afghanistan with climate change mitigation

  12. Think Change episode 14: climate loss and damage – who should pay?

  13. Rolling insights on COP27


  14. Inauspicious conditions for COP27 climate negotiations contrast with a supportive environment for climate policy

  15. IPCC Sixth Assessment Report: factsheets for decision-makers

    Case/country studies

  16. Embracing discomfort: a call to enable finance for climate-change adaptation in conflict settings

    Briefing/policy papers

  17. COP27

  18. Climate change, conflict and displacement: five key misconceptions

    Briefing/policy papers

  19. Climate change is causing havoc worldwide – we can still limit the damage

  20. Technology transfer: a new agenda for LDC negotiators

    Briefing/policy papers