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Zero poverty... think again: the impact of climate change on development efforts

Working papers

Written by Miren Gutierrez, Will McFarland

​Climate change will affect the achievability of any future development goals through its impacts on areas such as agriculture, water and health, and through its many indirect impacts. This paper reviews what is known about the impacts of climate change on potential post-2015 development goal areas and shows that it is essential for climate change to be addressed in order not to compromise development efforts.

It concludes that however climate action and adaptation are incorporated into the post-2015 agreements, it is vital that the final result is coordinated and sufficient because without it, progress on human development, and reaching a world with zero poverty, will be severly impacted.

This research is also accompanied by a video of the key messages, and it is an output of the project ‘Building a post-2015 sustainable development agreement’.


Miren Gutiérrez, Will McFarland and Lano Fonua