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Young people as agents and advocates of development

Research report

Research report

This report and evidence map present the available evidence concerning the impact of interventions and initiatives that aim to support young people’s greater involvement in development processes in two key ways: as ‘agents’, leading and implementing initiatives, and as ‘advocates’, participating in and influencing political and decision-making processes.

The evidence – 333 studies – was compiled through a rigorous search and assessment process conducted primarily in English, with a small additional Spanish-language search. All the studies included refer to one or more low- or middle-income countries. Over a third of studies focused on sub-Saharan Africa. The focus is on  young people aged 15 to 24, though, reflecting varying definitions of  young people in different countries, studies with young people up to 29 are included.

 The searchable database allows users to identify studies of interest using a range of criteria (such as geographical location, age or gender of participants, programme activities and outcomes). The report provides an overview of the studies found in the database concentrating on the main areas of emphasis among the studies and identifies some key under-investigated areas. 

Rachel Marcus, Alex Cunningham