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Why do donors delegate to multilateral organisations? A synthesis of six country case studies

Research reports

Written by Romilly Greenhill, Gideon Rabinowitz, Maria Ana Jalles d'Orey, Annalisa Prizzon

All donors make decisions about how much to delegate to multilateral organisations and how to allocate funding between these institutions. They also make decisions about how much should be defined as core funding – which multilaterals can spend as they see fit – and non-core funding, over which donors retain a degree of control. The choices that donors make vary widely.

This report aims to understand the drivers of these delegation decisions ‘in practice’, based on six country case studies: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Norway and the United States. 

Romilly Greenhill and Gideon Rabinowitz with contributions from Maria Ana Jalles d’Orey and Annalisa Prizzon