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Where Next for Social Protection?

Research reports

Written by Martina Ulrichs

​This report describes the evolution of social protection thinking and practice, from its origins in 1980s safety nets through to current agendas around systems and ‘social protection floors’. It compares social protection trajectories across different regions – Latin America, Asia and Africa.

The rapid ascendancy of social protection up the development policy agenda in the past ten to 15 years raises questions about whether its current prominence will be sustained, or whether it will turn out to be just another development fad that declines and ultimately disappears.

If social protection does remain high on the agenda, what trajectory will it follow, which actors will drive it forward and what will be the main issues and challenges it faces? This project attempted to find some answers, under the broad question: Where next for social protection?

Stephen Devereux, Keetie Roelen and Martina Ulrichs