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What has happened to the poorest 50%?

Research report

Written by Andrew Shepherd

Research report

In light of the finding that between a quarter and a half of the world’s poor have persisted in a state of poverty despite a more than decade-long international effort, it is imperative that the discussion turns to focus seriously on those that have been left behind in recent progress, and the reasons for their persistent poverty. This paper asks who the ‘other 50%’ are, those that have not progressed out of poverty amidst the achievements of the MDGs, and why they remain poor, since to eradicate extreme poverty this is the group among the poor that will need to be reached. It then goes on to synthesise knowledge about what addresses chronic and severe poverty and deprivation. Much of this is national level policy making and investment. The international level can only really support relevant actions at this level.
Amanda Lenhardt, Andrew Shepherd