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What drives reform? A political economy analysis of migration policy in Morocco

Research reports

Written by Christy Lowe, Nathalie Both, Marta Foresti, Amy Leach, Kate Rist

This paper analyses the political economy factors affecting migration policies in Morocco, and their implications for development policies and outcomes. Morocco is an interesting case for several reasons: first, its diverse migration profile; second, its position as a key player in migration between Africa and Europe; and third, its recent pursuit of a leadership role on migration affairs, both regionally and globally.

The paper outlines Morocco’s migration profile and the key geopolitical dynamics influencing policy development. It goes on to analyse the political economy of migration reform, before looking at sectoral implementation (in health, education and employment) and local implementation in Oujda. Finally, it shares key findings and recommendations for the Moroccan government and the international community.

Christy Lowe, Nathalie Both, Marta Foresti and Amy Leach, with Kate Rist

Corrected online 11 June 2020: Annex 2 has been updated. 

Corrected online 28 May 2020: the acknowledgements section has been updated.

Corrected online 27 May 2020: the disclaimer text has been updated.

Published online 27 May 2020.