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Violence in the Central American Region: Towards an Integrated Framework for Violence Reduction

Working paper

Working paper

The objective of this study is to provide a conceptual framework, and associated overview, for understanding regional violence in Central America. This is intended to contribute to the development of an integrated approach to violence reduction interventions in the region. The study is the result of DFID’s recognition in its Central American framework that violence is a regional priority, as well as DFID and Sida’s agreement to form a collaborative partnership in this thematic area. Consequently the study aims to familiarise DFID and Sida staff, as well as others working in this area, with the complex multi-dimensional nature of violence.

This will facilitate both agencies in their efforts to undertake the following tasks:

• Define a future over-arching framework when designing related programmes

• Mainstream such an understanding in all future development co-operation in Central America

• Inform key partners of the current dynamics of violence as well as potential approaches to violence reduction

Caroline Moser and Ailsa Winton