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Unlocking the 'triple dividend' of resilience: why investing in DRM pays off

Research report

Written by Thomas Tanner, Katie Peters, Emily Wilkinson

Research report

Investing in disaster risk management (DRM) yields real benefits in the short and long term. Reducing disaster-related ‘background risk’ enables forward-looking planning, long-term capital investments and entrepreneurship. 

In addition, and regardless of whether a disaster hits or not, DRM investments generate co-benefits as a result of the ‘spill-over’ of social, economic and environmental benefits arising from DRM investments themselves. These benefits are in addition to the avoided loss and damage, when a disaster strikes. 

Put simply, not investing in DRM is a missed opportunity for social, economic and environmental progress.

Thomas Tanner, Jun Rentschler, Swenja Surminski, Tom Mitchell, Emily Wilkinson and Katie Peters