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Understanding the climate and net-zero transition risks and opportunities in Kyrgyzstan

Briefing/policy paper

Written by Sarah Opitz-Stapleton, Vikrant Panwar, Olena Borodyna, Ilayda Nijhar, Rebecca Nadin

Briefing/policy paper

Kyrgyzstan is already experiencing climate change impacts. Climate change projections for the 2050s indicate seasonal and annual shifts in both temperatures and precipitation, as well as increases in the frequency and intensity of extreme events that will affect the country’s energy systems. Melting glaciers and snowpack could impact the generation capacity of large-scale hydropower in some river basins.

Climate risks to energy infrastructure result from the combination of vulnerability, exposure and shifts in the frequency, intensity, duration and location of climate hazards. Climate risks have to be considered not only to individual infrastructure, but also for the energy system as a whole.