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Understanding patterns of climate resilient economic development

Research report

Research report

​This series of reports explores how different sectoral and geographic patterns of economic development can reduce exposure to climate risks, or dampen their impacts.  The case studies and synthesis report allow readers to better understand whether and how developing countries, DFID and the broader development community can help best promote climate resilient economic development.

Four in-depth case studies of Rwanda, Senegal, and the cities of Maputo (Mozambique) and Cagayan de Oro (Philippines) are accompanied by briefing papers. Each assesses economic growth trends and changes in resilience, the consequences for poor people and long-term vulnerability, and policy implications. A synthesis report draws together lessons and conclusions across the case studies, and highlights areas for future research.​

These reports were commissioned by the UK's Department for International Development, and prepared by ODI and Vivid Economics.http://www.vivideconomics.com/publications/understanding-patterns-of-climate-resilient-economic-development​