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UK support for energy in developing countries 2010-14

Briefing/policy papers

Written by Andrew Scott

In 2016, the Catholic Agency for International Development and ODI published an analysis of UK support for energy in developing countries for the period 2009-13. The research looked at all funding channels (bilateral and multilateral) including UK Export Finance (UKEF). The aim was to understand:

  • how much UK public finance was flowing to energy investments in developing countries;
  • what types of energy and stages of delivery the UK is supporting and through which channels;
  • which countries and regions support is flowing to; and
  • the proportion going to energy access.

This paper builds on the 2016 analysis and illustrates that UK support in this period heavily favoured fossil fuels over renewables, with 22% of the total support spent on renewables and almost half of the support (46%) going to fossil fuels. 

Dr Sarah Wykes and Andrew Scott