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Uganda national climate change finance analysis

Research report

Written by Neil Bird, Lindsey Jones, Bryn Welham

Research report

​The study focuses on climate change relevant expenditures that appear in the national budget of Uganda over the period 2008/9 – 2011/12. The study reviews public spending on activities that are related to climate change, and assesses the extent to which this expenditure responds to existing policy and institutional demands.

The following key messages are made:

  • National policy narratives on funding with regard to the volume, sources and the delivery mechanisms for climate finance have yet to mature.
  • On-budget climate change relevant spending is approximately 0.2 per cent of GDP. This contrasts with that recommended in the draft Implementation Strategy of the Climate Change Policy, which estimated that around 1.6 per cent of GDP needs to be spent on climate change-relevant activities.
  • Over the period studied, available evidence does not show significant levels of funding to have come from international climate funds.
  • Actions taken by the Government of Uganda, and in particular the Ministry of Finance to address the current weaknesses in public finance management will be a key determinant of effective climate finance delivery.
Godber Tumushabe, Tony Muhumuza, Edward Natamba, Neil Bird, Bryn Welham and Lindsey Jones