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Transboundary Water Management as an International Public Good

Research report

Research report

This study – ‘Transboundary Water Management as an International Public Good’1 – has been carried out as part of Development Financing 2000, an initiative of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The initiative seeks to ‘help increase
awareness, knowledge and international commitment to a strong, effective and wellfunded multilateral system in the field of development’. Specifically, its goals are to:
• create political energy and momentum in issues concerning multilateral financing in the field of development
• seek to develop new perspectives in thinking about financing the United Nations system and the multilateral development banks
• seek to develop concrete mechanisms for financing UN programmes and funds in particular
• develop concepts concerning global public goods and their financing

Alan Nicol, Frank van Steenbergen, Hilary Sunman, Tony Turton, Tom Slaymaker, Tony Allan, Martin de Graaf, Marten van Harten