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Topic Guide: Land

Research reports

Written by Anna Locke, Giles Henley

Research reports

This Land Topic Guide is written for DFID staff, but is relevant to all development professionals. 

The guide provides a summary of the latest thinking around contemporary global land issues in developing countries by focusing on the most recent discourses and topics related to land. 

It provides guidance on and advice for how this knowledge can be used in practice by policy advisors. The Land Topic Guide comprises the following sections:

Section 1 - Growing interest in land: large-scale land acquisition

Section 2 - Reactions to rising interest in land at the national and international level

Section 3 - Land reform and policy: types, impacts and risks
Section 4 - Land in fragile and conflict-affected states

The following supporting case studies are also available for download:

·         Case study on land in Burma

·         Mozambique land policy development case study

·         Rwanda land tenure regularisation case study

Further reading and resources are listed at the end of each section, and there is a long list of references, including links to blogs, websites and conferences, at the end of the guide.

Anna Locke, Giles Henley