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The use of innovative aid instruments in support of peacebuilding and statebuilding

Working paper

Written by Lisa Denney, Marcus Manuel, Alastair McKechnie

Working paper

Within this compilation, Working Paper 4 was prepared on behalf of the OECD International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Working Group on Aid Instruments to explore and provide recommendations for addressing challenges to effective cooperation in conflict affected and fragile states.

This research argues that there is a pressing need both for fragile states and donors to break with the past, partial, incremental approach to changing how aid is delivered.

Indeed there is growing awareness in the international community that low income countries with fragile institutions are not just a more difficult case of development, but require a fundamentally different approach to delivering assistance. In most cases aid has been provided in the same way as it is in stable countries with the same procedures applying and the same approaches to risk being followed. 

As a consequence, aid – and the results of aid – has been delivered far too slowly. The cost of this collective failure to fully adapt the aid system to the needs of fragile states is primarily borne by populations that suffer from the lack of access to infrastructure and basic services.

Marcus Manuel, Alastair McKechnie, Maia Stead, Erin Coppin and Lisa Denney