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The role of special economic zones in manufacturing development in sub-Saharan Africa: structural transformation and employment creation

Book/book chapter

Written by Dirk Willem te Velde

Book/book chapter

​The Routledge Handbook of Industry and Development is a global overview of industrialisation. Each chapter provides contemporary insights into this essential aspect of economic development.


The Handbook is a collection of chapters on different aspects of industrialisation experience in a range of countries. Key themes include: the role of manufacturing in growth; the nature of structural change at different stages of development; the role of manufacturing in employment creation; alternative options for trade and industrial policy; the key role of technology and technical change; and the impact of globalisation, global value chains and foreign direct investment on prospects for industrialisation. Several chapters discuss individual country experiences with examples from India, Mexico, South Africa and Tanzania, as well as an overview of African industrialisation.

This chapter examines the role of special economic zones across sub-Saharan Africa in promoting employment growth, raising productivity and generating spill-over linkage effects which benefit economies.

Christian Kingombe and Dirk Willem te Velde