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The role of multilateral climate funds in mobilising private investment: a detailed review of the CTF, GEF, SREP, PPCR and GEEREF

Working paper

Written by Shelagh Whitley, Sam Barnard

Working paper

The multilateral climate funds (MCF) are one example of how climate finance is being deployed to mobilise private investment. Many of these funds have an explicit goal of engaging the private sector, in part by attracting private finance to MCF investments.

Our research builds on ODI studies of the broader effectiveness of a number of multilateral climate funds as well as research to understand the private climate finance mobilised through the bilateral efforts of German, Japanese, UK and US programmes.

Although the MCF do not currently provide information on funds mobilised through private finance interventions (PFIs), they do in many cases disclose targeted volumes of finance and details of proposed financial structures. Using this information we have compiled a detailed dataset of 93 PFIs representing $30 billion in MCF, public and private investment, with every $1.00 of public finance aiming to mobilise on average $0.80 of private finance. In addition, we can begin to identify patterns in those PFIs that target high levels of private investment.

Shelagh Whitley, Emilio Chiofalo and Sam Barnard