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The role of agricultural education in improving the performance of support services for the renewable natural resources sector

Briefing/policy paper

Briefing/policy paper

Whilst recent research (mainly in sub-Saharan Africa) has indicated a number of successful innovations in agricultural education and training (AET), it has generally been unresponsive to changing patterns of demand for trainees, which are influenced by the changing roles of public and private sectors. Much can be done to improve the design and management of AET, and to strengthen the policy framework through which support and direction are channelled. There is also a need to enhance the interactions between AET institutions and the formal schools sector, as well as AET institutions' linkages with local communities, NGOs and other intermediary organisations. The low level of dissemination of the results of research or of successful innovations has meant that too few new ideas have been flowing into AET.

Ian Wallace and Esse Nilsson