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The role and impact of local citizen security councils as a challenge to criminal violence: lessons from Michoacán

Briefing/policy paper

Written by Pilar Domingo

Briefing/policy paper

This briefing paper is part of a broader project investigating societal responses to violence in the state of Michoacán in Mexico. It explores the establishment of local security councils that address community-specific problems of insecurity and basic safety. In the face of deficient security provision in Michoacán as crime-related violence has escalated, these councils embody a significant societal response to the region's issues. 

In varying ways, these councils have tactically engaged with state-provided law enforcement and security provision; engaged with local self-defence groups perceived by the community as credible security provision actors; and established strategic coalitions with national-level civil-society organisations to better monitor and report on violence and security challenges facing the locality or community.

This paper has been informed by a chapter written by Irene Álvarez, Denisse Román and Trevor Stack, 'Consejos Ciudadanos Locales de Seguridad. Respuestas a una crisis de confianza en la provisión estatal de seguridad', in an upcoming publication edited by Edgar Guerra, Sociedad civil desde la periferia: Un estudio comparativo sobre las respuestas y dilemas de la sociedad frente a la violencia y la fragilidad institucional, to be published by CIDE Investigación e Ideas.



Trevor Stack, Irene Álvarez, Denisse Román and Sasha Jesperson, with Pilar Domingo