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The New Broker: Beyond Agreement. Brokering Partnerships for Development

Book/book chapter

The New Broker: Beyond Agreement takes a light-hearted look at the mechanics of brokering strategic partnerships between private companies, government authorities and development assistance agencies. A sequel to The New Broker: Brokering Partnerships for International Development (2003, also by Michael Warner), the story centres around the topic of 'local content': the economic impact of a company on local employment, technology transfer, enterprises development and infrastructure. The book leads the reader through the trials and tribulations of negotiating a partnership agreement around a programme of involuntary community resettlement, caused by the construction of an oil refinery in West Africa. The Agreement succeeds in linking resettlement to the company's policies on 'local content' and 'community investment' (what in ODI we call 'community content'), to the plans and budgets of local government and development agencies, and to the available skills and competencies of communities and local enterprises.

Michael Warner