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The 'leave no one behind' index

Briefing/policy papers

Written by Romilly Greenhill

The ‘leave no one behind’ index monitors the extent to which the 44 governments presenting their National Voluntary Reviews at the 2017 High Level Political Forum are set up to meet their commitments to 'leave no one behind'. The index measures governments’ readiness in three areas:

  1. Data: have household surveys been conducted recently?
  2. Policy: do countries have some of the core policies in place: are health services free at the point of access; are there anti-discrimination policies in employment; and can women own land?
  3. Finance: do governments meet agreed spending targets in health, education and social protection?

The index shows that of the 44 countries presenting national reviews, 25 are ‘ready’ to meet ‘leave no one behind’ commitments, while 18 are ‘partially ready’. Data was unavailable for one country.

For the full methodology, policy analysis and references, please see the annex. 

Romilly Greenhill