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The Indonesian knowledge sector: a contextual analysis

Working paper

Written by Ajoy Datta, John Young, Jessica Mackenzie

Working paper

The Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) is a 15-year programme to help develop systems that will enhance the production and use of knowledge, especially research knowledge, during development planning processes and on priority policy issues in Indonesia.

This working paper reflects on the context in which KSI is working and provides a ‘benchmark’ against which to measure the initiative's progress. It focuses on four areas:

  • The capacity of policy research institutes 
  • The capacity of policy makers to acquire and use research knowledge
  • Systemic factors that shape the production and use of research knowledge
  • The level of engagement in certain ‘knowledge communities’
Ajoy Datta, Lia Marpaung, Akbar Meirio, Rudy Sabri, Jessica Mackenzie and John Young