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The impact of cash transfers on women and girls

Briefing/policy papers

Written by Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Francesca Bastagli, Georgina Sturge, Calvin Laing

This briefing summarises the evidence on the impact of cash transfers on women and girls, drawn from the full report, Cash transfers: what does the evidence say?

It considers:

  • Whether the evidence shows that cash transfers have differing impacts for women and girls compared to men and boys.
  • Whether cash transfers contribute to women and girls’ empowerment.
  • Whether the recipient of the cash transfer being male or female has any impact on outcomes.
Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Luca Pellerano, Francesca Bastagli, Luke Harman, Valentina Barca, Georgina Sturge, Tanja Schmidt and Calvin Laing