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The Factors behind the Poor Integration of the Water and Sanitation Sector in PRSPs in Sub-Saharan Africa

Research report

Written by Tim Williamson, Peter Newborne

Research report

The Water and Sanitation Sector (WSS) however has suffered from poor integration into the PRSP and budgetary processes. This contrasts with sectors such as education and health which almost universally are lent greater priority in PRSP documentation, and are subsequently benefiting more in terms of resource allocations in budget processes. This report examines why this might be the case, by examining the integration of the WSS in PRSPs in three Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries, Uganda, Zambia and Malawi, and comparing this experience to generic experiences in the education and health sectors. It also provides recommendations on how WSS actors can better align themselves towards the PRSP process, and take actions to help the sector gain priority in the PRSP and budget processes.

Tim Williamson, Tom Slaymaker & Peter Newborne