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The contribution of the Chars Livelihoods Programme and the Vulnerable Group Development programme to social inclusion in Bangladesh: Country briefing

Briefing/policy paper

Written by Rebecca Holmes, Jessica Hagen-Zanker

Briefing/policy paper

This research study examined the impacts of CLP and VGD on four dimensions of social exclusion: (1) livelihood and economic opportunities; (2) food security; (3) participation in the community and perceptions of social relations; and (4) state–society relations.

The objective of the research was not only to assess the impacts of the programmes on their direct objectives, but to examine their effectiveness in promoting more transformative outcomes related to aspects of social inclusion. The research was guided by the social exclusion analytical framework, which emphasises the importance of assessing impacts of interventions on multiple dimensions of poverty and the extent they tackle drivers of social exclusion and poverty. In assessing the effects of CLP and VGD, the study generated evidence on the context-related economic, social and institutional factors that mediated their impact.

Omar Faruque Siddiki, Rebecca Holmes, Ferdous Jahan, Fahim Subhan Chowdhury and Jessica Hagen-Zanker