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The CARIFORUM EU-Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA): the development component

Research report

Written by Chris Stevens, Jane Kennan

Research report

The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the Caribbean Forum (Cariforum) and the European Community (EC) is the only comprehensive EPA negotiated so far, and was signed by all parties (except Haiti) in October 2008. Now that the details have been finalised a start can be made to identify the likely development impact, and this report provides an initial assessment.

The impact of the EPA on the Cariforum states will be especially wide-ranging and drawn out. This report focuses on the likely early effects and their implications for European Union (EU) policy because these are currently the highest development priority. Based on the forgoing analysis, the study goes on to make a number of recommendations on how best to facilitate the implementation phase of the CARIFORUM-EU EPA.

Mareike Meyn (ODI), Christopher Stevens (ODI), Jane Kennan (ODI), Nick Highton (ODI), Sanussi Bilal (ECDPM), Corinna Braun-Munzinger (ECDPM), Dan Lui (ECDPM), Jeske van Seters (ECDPM), Collette Campbell (CaPRI) and John Rapley (CaPRI)