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The CARIFORUM and Pacific ACP Economic Partnership Agreements: Challenges Ahead?

Research reports

Written by Chris Stevens, Jane Kennan

This report on the CARIFORUM and Pacific ACP Economic Partnership Agreements analyses the detailed implications for their economies including an indication of the broad country and region-wide effects. It provides a ‘baseline analysis’ of highly complex documents which make many specific commitments.

The authors argue that, partly because they are so complex, the agreements are likely to have far-reaching implications for all countries involved, but that there has been almost no informed discussion of the likely detailed effects of the agreements based on an analysis of their impact at an industry or sectoral level.

Understanding what these Economic Partnership Agreements mean is challenging, but necessary for both trade negotiators and the private sector. This publication therefore provides an initial analysis and could form the basis of more detailed work at the national level.

An executive summary of the report is available for download and the full report is available to purchase.

Christopher Stevens, Mareike Meyn and Jane Kennan