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The BRICS and Global Governance Reform: Can the BRICS provide leadership?


Written by Zhenbo Hou

‚ÄčThis article is about the attitudes of the BRICS as a group, as well as those of each BRICS country towards their potential roles and responsibilities for global governance. I argue that the policy responses from the BRICS members could be better understood based on their self-perceived (though evolving) role in the global order. The article starts with a brief overview of how global governance has developed and why the BRICS are advocating for its reform. Next, I try to provide an insight into the attitudes of each BRICS country towards global governance, based on their geopolitical role, history, and self-perception. Finally, I attempt to explain two main strategies of the BRICS countries in this regard, namely changes in voting rights, and appointments to multilateral institutions.
Zhenbo Hou