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Systems for Verification of Legality in the Indonesian Forest Sector

Research report

Research report

Indonesia is the largest exporter of tropical timber in the world. With exceptionally high levels of illegality, the forest sector in Indonesia has become the focus for a wide range of donor-, NGO and private-sector initiatives aimed at promoting legal and sustainable trade. However, while many of these efforts focus on civil-society monitoring and voluntary standard-setting, the priority remains to strengthen the mandatory “backbone” of existing monitoring and verification systems. This includes: (i) Legal compliance in respect of timber administration (PUHH) and harvest practices (including compliance with selective Cutting and environmental management systems); (ii) ‘Certification’ against mandatory C&I for SFM, introduced under an initiative to revitalize and secure the long-term viability of natural production forest management. (iii) Mandatory export registration (EPTIK).

Adrian Wells, Ngadiono and Daru Asycarya