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Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities and Resource Management in Coastline Communes Facing Special Difficulties

Research reports

This study was carried out in the context of a new national program under Decision No. 257/2003/QD-TTg (dated December 3, 2003) of the Prime Minister on support for investment in the construction of essential infrastructures of communes in coastal fronts and islands which meet with exceptional difficulties. The main objective of Decision No.257 is to invest in essential infrastructure with a view to creating conditions for development of production. Other stated objectives include tapping the potential of such areas, stabilising the life of local people, contributing to the program on hunger elimination and poverty alleviation and maintaining security and national defence.

Cecilia Luttrell, Hoang Van Son; Ha Luong Thuan; Cao Tien Viet; Ngo Lan, Vu Dien Xiem; Dau Thi Le Hieu