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Structural transformation and growth in Africa: impact case study

Research reports

Written by Caroline Cassidy

Research reports

This in-depth case study examines how the DFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme (DEGRP) innovation project Structural change and productivity growth in Africa has contributed to helping unpack the African growth story, particularly in terms of the links between growth and structural change.

The past five years have seen a growing movement around defining structural transformation and industrialisation, and what it means for the continent. This includes a shift in the narrative at a global level, by major multilateral and bilateral agencies, inclusion in the Sustainable Development Goals, but also a growing recognition by national governments.

The case study takes a detailed look at the types of impact the project helped bring about and how these were achieved, paying particular attention to the communications and engagement strategies employed by the research team to realise their impact aims.

The DEGRP funds world class scientific research on inclusive economic growth and related issues in low-income countries.

Caroline Cassidy