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Structural Adjustment and sustainable development in Mali: A World Wide Fund for Nature study

Working paper

Working paper

This study on structural adjustment and sustainable development has been carried out by the Institute of Rural Economy (IER) in Bamako in collaboration with the ODI in London. The study has the objective of deepening understanding of the relationship between economic reform policies and the state of the environment, with the ultimate aim of identifying the elements of a policy for sustainable development.

The aim of this Working Paper is to document and analyse the recent evolution of Mali's natural environment, consider the explanatory causes and the responsibility of structural adjustment for the observed effects, and make recommendations on how policies should be reformed if sustainable development is to be achieved.

Alpha S. Maiga, Bino Teme, Bakary S. Coulibaly, Lassine Diarra, Alpha O. Kergna, Kalilou Tigana, with James Winpenny