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Stall Feeding of Cattle in the Mandara Mountains of Northern Cameroon

Research reports

This paper describes a cattle stall-feeding enterprise practised by smallholders in a semi-arid region of Northern Cameroon, the Mandara Mountains.  It is based on one year of orignial research, conducted in 1980-81.  Stal-feeding contributes to the economic ciability of permanent cultivation in land scarce, hilly areas, where agricultural production is low and variable.  Smallholders collect and apply stall-fed cattle manure to loose, incohesive soils, which improves soil structure and augments grain yields.  Sales of stall cattle and beef from slaughtered stall animals also generate income for small farerms, as well as enabling producers to continue building capital.  Since the Mandara Mountains region is isolated and poorly linked with the surrounding Moslem dominated areas, there are few alternative employment opportunities available available to small farmers.

John S Holtzman