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Social Protection in Fragile States

Research reports

Written by Paul Harvey, Rebecca Holmes, Rachel Slater

Research reports

This paper sets out to examine the key issues around options for social protection in fragile states. The terms of reference for this paper asked; ‘what are the good practices, based on lessons or experience?’ There is a need to be cautious in answering this as there is a huge lack of rigorous evaluation or research driven evidence base on which to make judgements on whether practice is good or bad. It’s possible to point to new practices or projects that those responsible for implementing or funding them think is good but there’s a huge risk of reproducing uncritical self-promotion in holding this up as good practice. In what follows therefore we point where possible to existing and emerging practice and try to make cautious judgements about their potential whilst being clear about the limitations of the evidence.

Paul Harvey, Rebecca Holmes, Rachel Slater and Ellen Martin