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Social protection and resilient food systems - a synthesis

Research report

Written by Rachel Slater, Rebecca Holmes

Research report

​Social protection has emerged as a key development and humanitarian policy issue in the last decade. There have also been major food price shocks in many countries in the last 5 years.

Interest in social protection and food systems is converging, and donor agencies and governments are looking at how different social protection instruments might better support the different components of food systems and maintain their resilience in the face of major shocks. This synthesis report is one of a series of papers developed for GIZ, which explore the impacts of different social protection instruments on resilient food systems, including cash transfers, public works programmes and insurance, as well as broader initiatives that contribute to reducing poverty and vulnerability, such as integrated livelihoods programmes, emergency reserves and structured demand. The synthesis reviews the main findings from each paper, draws out patterns in the effects of the instruments, explores the main issues that emerge across all the papers and identifies what this means for those designing programmes to build resilience in food systems.

Rachel Slater, Rebecca Holmes and Dharini Bhuvanendra