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Social protection and HIV: global literature review

Research report

Written by Anna McCord, Carmen Leon-Himmelstine

Research report

This global literature review of social protection and HIV identifies and outlines the international literature on access to and impact of social protection programming for people living with or affected by HIV (PLHIV) and their households in low- and middle-income countries. The literature review was undertaken by ODI for the International Labour Organization (ILO) Programme on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work (ILO/AIDS).

The review explores 26 studies identified through a modified systematic review process. These studies are rigorous and in many instances innovative, offering evidence on impacts and/or access, and providing methodologies with potential for replication within and across regions. The studies are discussed in detail and summarised for ease of reference in appendices. The findings of the studies, the research methodologies adopted, and the indicators used, are presented and critically discussed in order to provide a key reference and resource for the next phase of the ILO Programme on HIV/AIDS.

Anna McCord, Carmen Leon Himmelstine