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Social Inclusion Policies in Southern Italy – European Structural Fund 2.000 – 2.006

Research report

Written by Marta Foresti

Research report

This report looks at a wide range of social inclusion policies and programmes in six Italian regions supported by the European Structural Funds during the period 2000-2006.  These interventions on social inclusion were part of a large-scale six-year public investment framework, commonly referred to as the Italian Community Support Framework (CSF) 2000-2006. This funded a wide range of

social and economic development programmes in the Italian south.

An analysis conducted in 2003 by the Evaluation Unit of the Italian Treasury identified four different types of social inclusion policy supported by the CSF: i) pathways to employment for those at risk of exclusion, mainly disadvantaged groups and women; ii) improved access to and quality of basic services; iii) education initiatives aimed at reducing school dropout rates; and iv) promotion of civic education to fight illegal/criminal activities. In total, €1,141 million was allocated to social inclusion interventions.

Bruno Baroni, Marta Foresti