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Situation analysis of children in Uganda

Research reports

Written by Nicola Jones, David Walker

Research reports

​This analysis aims to provide a robust and comprehensive understanding of the situation of children to identify broad areas of intervention in the national development agenda within which government and key stakeholders can situate emerging opportunities for programming, policy advocacy and research activities aimed at improving the lives of children. While focusing on children’s rights in four key dimensions – survival, education and development, protection, and participation – the report also explores the crosscutting issues of inequality and gender, to give a holistic view of the potential for policies, programmes and practices to yield positive change in children’s lives in the short, mediumand long term. The four key dimensions include core elements of the UNCRC, including rights areas concerning nutrition, health, water, sanitation, shelter, education and information. Child poverty is addressed as a cross-cutting issue, and one that relies on interdependentrights fulfilment. Deprivation of any of these rights can be seen to be a form of child poverty(MoGLSD et al., 2014).
Nicola Jones, David Walker, UNICEF