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Shockwatch Bulletin: monitoring the impact of the euro zone crisis, China/India slow-down, and energy price shocks on lower-income countries

Working papers

Written by Isabella Massa, Jane Kennan, Dirk Willem te Velde, Jodie Keane

This ODI Working Paper synthesises findings on the global macro-economic and financial situation from existing publications and secondary data, on a selected sample of developing countries to the three current major global shocks (the euro zone crisis, China’s and India’s growth slow-down, energy price shocks), and on three detailed case studies (Cambodia, Kenya and Zambia).

It provides an update on the macro-economic and financial situation of lower-income developing countries in the context of the largest current global shocks. In particular, it aims to:

  • update information on the effects of the euro zone crisis, the slow-down of growth in China and India and energy price shocks by examining the following transmission mechanisms: private capital flows (splitting out portfolio flows, foreign direct investment (FDI) and international bank lending); trade; remittances; aid; and energy prices;
  • update information on expected country vulnerability to these shocks;
  • examine in more detail a number of countries as case studies, and report how they have been affected by recent shocks and how they have responded;
  • continue to monitor policy responses at both the global and country levels.
Isabella Massa, Nicola Cantore, Jodie Keane, Jane Kennan and Dirk Willem te Velde