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Shifts in the knowledge sector in Indonesia from 2013-2016: a synthesis of cases of change

Working papers

Written by Anne Buffardi

Working papers

This report offers insights into change processes that have unfolded in the knowledge sector in Indonesia between 2013 and 2016. Drawing on 67 'cases of change' from 29 Indonesian organisations, the paper seeks to examine and answer two overarching questions. First, what notable changes took place in the knowledge sector in Indonesia from 2013-2016, as identified by individuals and organisations directly involved in the knowledge sector. Second, what factors are perceived to be associated with these changes, including but not limited to the Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI).  

The findings raise a number of questions for further inquiry, which the authors suggest should be triangulated with information from other sources, particularly those of policymakers whose decisions researchers intend to influence.

This research was conducted by the Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI), which is a joint programme between the governments of Indonesia and Australia. It seeks to improve the lives of Indonesian people through better quality public policies that make better use of research, analysis and evidence. KSI is a consortium led by RTI International, in partnership with Australian National University (ANU), Nossal Institute for Global Health and ODI.

Anne Buffardi, Lia Marpaung, Husni Mubarok and Irene Kuntjoro