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Setting, Measuring and Monitoring Targets for Disaster Risk Reduction: Recommendations for post-2015 international policy frameworks

Research report

Written by Tom Mitchell, Emma Lovell, Lucy Scott

Research report

With disaster risk continuing to increase in many regions,  action is needed to reverse the trend. 


Next year the following three key policy frameworks will be agreed on:  the post-2015 agreement on disaster risk reduction (DRR); the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – a way of prioritising development actions; and an international agreement on climate change – to establish global action on tackling climate change beyond 2020.

Creating a unified approach to these three agreements is the only plausible way to ensure disaster risk reduction (DRR) is given high priority. The report recommends that a common target and indicator set to measure and monitor disaster risks and losses should be agreed on and implemented.

Based on disaster risk data sets and further evidence from recent history, the report shows what this agreed approach could look like, what the challenges may be, and most importantly offers ten proposals for this global monitoring framework on DRR.  With negotiations for the post 2015 agreement on DRR underway the report will play a significant role in  influencing the wider agenda. 

French and Spanish translations of the Executive Summary will be available shortly.

Tom Mitchell, Debarati Guha-Sapir, Julia Hall, Emma Lovell, Robert Muir-Wood, Alastair Norris, Lucy Scott and Pascaline Wallemacq