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Sector Budget Support in Practice: Health sector in Mozambique

Research report

Research report

This case study on the sector budget support (SBS) to the health sector in Mozambique is part of a broader study by the Strategic Partnership with Africa Task Team on Sector Budget Support which covers ten sector case studies from six different countries. The study draws together SBS experience and aims at guiding future improvements in policy and practice.

The focus of the government policy in the health sector has been on improving quality and access to basic health care. These priorities are reflected in the poverty reduction strategy (thePARPA II) and in other key government planning instruments, including in the health sector policy document (the Plano Estrategico do Sector de Saúde – Health Sector Strategic Plan or PESS). A Sector Wide Approach (SWAp) has been in place since 2000.

Muriel Visser-Valfrey and Mariam Bibi Umarji