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Scoping Mission into Funding Sources of UN Agencies in Malawi: Towards a Single Budgetary Framework

Research reports

Written by Edward Hedger

Research reports

It is widely recognised that United Nations development assistance must be made more coherent and effective at country level in line with the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. A key area for improvement is through the establishment of a more holistic, transparent and resultsoriented budget process encompassing all United Nations (UN) agencies supporting Malawi. To this end, this study seeks to prepare the ground for the development of a single budgetary framework for UN development assistance to Malawi, identifying key opportunities and constraints to such a reform and providing recommendations to orient its implementation. A single budgetary framework is defined by the UN Development Group (UNDG) as a tool to clearly detail the totality of resources required to deliver UN development assistance and to facilitate the coherent management and fundraising of those resources.

Geoff Handley, Simon Burall and Edward Hedger