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Scaling up international support for adaptation: productive safety nets and reimbursable debt service

Working papers

Written by Neil Bird, Marcus Manuel, Smita Nakhooda

Working papers

This report explores the potential for a two-part approach to accelerating disbursement of international climate finance to vulnerable countries.

The first part considers scaling up a cost-effective adaptation response: support for productive safety nets. Such safety nets support public work programmes, especially those that focus on improving agriculture productivity and include reforestation, water and soil conservation works.

The second part assesses the extent to which reimbursable debt service payments could play a role in freeing up finance for such national programming.

Either of these two elements could stand alone. However, this proposal suggests there is a substantial synergy to be captured by unlocking a new source of funding and scaling up a programmatic use of funds.

Neil Bird, Marcus Manuel and Smita Nakhooda