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Sanctuary in the city? Urban displacement and vulnerability in the Gaza Strip

Research reports

Research into successive waves of forced displacement in Gaza in recent years will make for timely reading. The publication of 'Displacement and vulnerability in the Gaza Strip' coincides with the immediate aftermath of the Israeli military operation, 'Pillar of Defence.'

Its contents illuminate the consequences of upheaval generated by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the citizens of Gaza. Based on hundreds of interviews with the enclave’s residents, and those tasked with assisting them, the research demonstrates that the military tactics deployed in 'Operation Pillar of Defence' are just one of many factors that generate the displacement, loss of shelter, livelihoods and life that are all too frequently the price paid by civilians caught up in conflict.

The authors offer a series of recommendations to national entities; international governments and donors; international humanitarian and development organisations.  The report is the most recent publication on urban displacement which forms part of the 'Sanctuary in the city?' series.

Simone Haysom and Wasseem el Sarraj