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Rural poverty and resources research programme papers 1993-94



Rural poverty and resources research programme, papers from 1993 to 1994. Articles featured in these issues include:

  • Intensification, entitlements and environments. Intensification of natural resource management in difficult and favourable areas concepts and a framework by Anthony Babington, Mary Hobley and Gill Shepherd
  • Organisations, interfaces and representation: concepts for analysing institutional responsiveness to livelihood intensification by Anthony Babington
  • Irrigation, poverty, and resource-poor farmers by Linden Vincent
  • The contribution of trees and forests to land-use intensification and sustainable livelihoods for the poor, in both difficult and favourable environments by gill shepherd, Mary Hobley and Edwin Shanks
  • Rural livelihoods and agricultural development policy: rethinking the links by Anthony Bebbington
  • Intensification or overstocking in pastoral Africa: when are there too many animals? By Roy H Behnke, Jr.
  • Diversity and change in local water management institutions by linden Vincent Richard Friend and Christopher Southgate
  • What's in a name? Organisations and institutions involved in the management of irrigation by Richard Friend and Linden Vincent
  • Irrigation organisations in Thailand by Richard Friend
  • Village and state in rural water management in Tanzania by Christopher Southgate
  • Local organisations and national research services: restructuring the relationship by Anthony Babington and John Farrington
  • Land tenure and range management institutions in the context of commercialisation by Roy Behnke.