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Rural 21: International Journal for Rural Development


Mission Statement for Rural 21

In the light of the international discussion on sustainable development and in context of the goals of the Millennium Declaration, Rural 21 will foster policies and strategies for the rural sector and push for their application.


Rural 21 shall:

• win over decision-makers, specialists and executives for a integrated and crosslinked approach to the development of rural areas in correlation with the process of urbanisation;

 • better integrate rural sectoral interaction with the needs of the environment (e.g. water, energy, soil, infrastructure, trade, health, literacy);

 • supply decisionmakers and specialists with knowledge, experience and innovation;

 • be a forum for international exchange of experience and an agenda-setting advocate of rural people;

 • give impulse for international and national co-action and cooperation between governmental and privately initiated development work;

 • improve the co-action and cooperation of international and national players and give impulses for the advancement and development of rural areas;

 • be open for controverse discussion so that players in development work can learn from each other, and be a platform for this discussion;

 • improve the dialogue between science, politics, business and practice;

 • emphasise the potentials of rural areas in the fight against hunger and poverty.