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Resilience Scan: October-December 2015

Working paper

Written by Aditya Bahadur, Thomas Tanner, Amy Kirbyshire

Working paper

The October-December 2015 quarter’s Resilience Scan considers resilience in the context of the international frameworks on disasters, sustainable development and climate change in 2015, culminating in the climate change COP21 Paris Agreement of December 2015.

Resilience was a defining feature of multiple frameworks on disasters, sustainable development and climate change in 2015. In Paris, although mitigation of greenhouse gases took top billing, adaptation was defined for the first time as a global goal. Text on adaptation also provided normative guidance for action around the world, including strong participation, transparency of action and the use of local, traditional and indigenous knowledge.

The scan will be of particular interest to those implementing resilience projects and policies and those seeking summaries of current debates in resilience thinking. It comprises insights on the manner in which resilience appeared within key international policy processes in 2015. Twenty-five of the most influential blog posts on resilience (published between October and December 2015) were identified and reviewed.

Aditya Bahadur, Thomas Tanner, Diana King, Amy Kirbyshire and Hani Morsi